History: media_drv_mmcsd_xmc4xxx

This page describes all changes made to the media_drv_mmcsd_xmc4xxx package, the MMC/SD Media Driver for Infineon XMC4xxx and TI AM654x devices, since its release.


1.8 (2020-07-28, 10:35):

  • Changed HS200 tuning. It is now executed in 4-bit or 8-bit mode, depending on configured data bus width settings.

1.7 (2020-04-24, 12:20):

  • Fixed problem that meant HS200 tuning may not finish because tuning was stopped after first unsuccessful tuning loop.

1.6 (2020-03-20, 18:20):

  • In case of multiple sector write when EMMC management is enabled there was an invalid busy wait before the stop command was invoked , causing the write command to hang.

1.5 (2020-02-12, 14:00):

  • Added HS200 mode support for eMMC cards.
  • Transfer Complete interrupt has higher priority than Timeout Error interrupt. If both bits are set to 1, the data transfer can be considered complete.
  • Added 8 bit support.

1.4 (2020-01-09, 18:00):

  • High-speed mode was not working with eMMC.

1.3 (2019-12-19, 11:16):

  • Added multicard support.
  • Controller reset is always applied from software if an error condition happens (for example an unsupported command).

1.2 (2019-08-02, 10:56):

  • Added support for TI AM65xx SoCs.
  • Added PSP template for TI AM65xx (CCS9, TI RTOS, AM654x EVM board).

1.1 (2019-07-05, 13:00):

  • Initial release.